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Worst cabinet reshuffle ever?

  • Fewer women in the cabinet than this time yesterday
  • First cabinet in 15 years that lacks a non-white cabinet minister
  • Jeremy Hunt, new health secretary, is pro-homeopathy, anti-abortion, called for the NHS to be dismantled in 2009 and is an all-round shit politician (I’m assuming you all know about Leveson and Murdoch etc etc)
  • Maria Miller, new culture secretary and minister for women and equality, is a pretty terrible choice for ‘equality’, voting against gay adoption and in favour of homophobia, racial hatred and prejudice being “freedom of speech” 
  • New environmental secretary Owen Paterson opposes renewable energy in favour of shale oil and has been backed by former Chancellor Lord Lawson, who the BBC describes as “a well known climate change sceptic”
I’m a very angry Brit right now and David Cameron is a complete and utter arse.

they’ve put the man so incompetent his name has become a sort of rhyming slang IN CHARGE OF HEALTH OH CHRIST WHY IS THIS HAPPENING

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