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one of the admittedly many many things that kills me about dean winchester is that he actually wasn’t born to be a hunter. he wasn’t raised as a hunter from birth, probably unlike his mom and grandfather. he was born and raised- for the first conscious years of his life- to be somebody’s cuddle baby. he wuv’d hugs. he had somebody cutting the crust off his sandwiches, kissing his ouchies. singing to him and listening to the silly little songs that he made up. tucking him in with stuffed animals and then hearing him say goodnight mister snuggles to his teddy bear when the lights were out. even worse: we know this is dean winchester’s heaven.

so i often wonder how can people look at dean winchester and not immediately know that the he-man posturing is 80% bullshit designed to keep his fucking head above water? in his heart- and literally in his fucking heaven- he just wants to be loved, and to give love freely. to make somebody laugh. to be held.

now, if you’ll excuse me, i have some cereal to eat straight out of the box while i try not to cry.

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Filed under he probably thinks he's living the life he wants to live because he's been conditioned and brain-washed to think that there is nothing more to him than being a hunter he has internalised SO MUCH bullshit about masculinity and his abilities and who he's SUPPOSED to be and Dean just desperately wants to be accepted and just he just really wants to please people he cares about (not just in a subbiest sub to ever sub way) (but also like that) supernatural this show is not good enough for me to have all these emotions

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It’s interesting because dude, I understand loving some problematic stuff. I do. I watch Glee.


It is still incredibly jarring when Dean Winchester, tumblr’s favorite w00bie dollbaby, refers to one of his female enemies as “our slutty little Yoda.”

has tumblr just NOW noticed that dean is pretty shitty about women because the ENTIRE FUCKING SHOW is shitty about women because that took a while


I really can’t find anything particularly positive to say about it except: manpain and naked (not enough times tbqh), bruised, and bloody men??????

Haha this show has fridged SO MANY women purely for Sam’s manpain, and nearly every other recurring female character was a tough rock’n’roll action girl - ie. a fantasy - until they were killed off too. Becky started out as an in-joke with the fandom and turned into a date rapist. Every character on the show uses the word ‘bitch’ as punctuation. Way too many of the monsters are hot chicks with pointy teeth.

this is not news

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Dean/Cas? I’m having nostalgic feelings.

OH MAN REMEMBER WHEN??? This one goes out to all my spn homies.


"Okay, that’s good. Now just ease up on the— No, ease up!”

The car stalls. Castiel lets his hands hang from the steering wheel for lack of a better place to put them. 

"I drove much farther that time," he says, noting the distance they’ve traveled, marked up the trees lining and covering the deserted road.

Dean sighs against the dashboard, where he’s currently resting his forehead. “Sammy learned all this in about ten minutes,” he says. “And he was nine.”

Cas considers this while he stares into the car. His eyes can see this car down to its metals, birthed in earth centuries ago. He can see into its machine heart, which fascinates him endlessly. Dean had explained the process (twice) before even allowing him to sit in the driver’s seat: the car exploded inside its body, over and over again, and that heat is what forces it forward. It’s not unlike the way the universe itself was set into motion. Cas knows. He was there. 

"Let’s try again," Dean says. Cas nods and reaches for the key, hiding his anticipation of seeing that heart behind the black hood combust once more.

<3 <3 <3 <3

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 #You’re an idiot Dean Winchester. The crap is not you. The crap is obscuring you. It’s obscuring the man who can hunt down and gank just about anything, and used to be able to take pride in that prowess. It’s obscuring the man who raised a beautiful human being like Sam Winchester, who cut the crusts off his sandwiches and helped him with his homework and told him how to talk to girls and kept him safe from the things that go bump in the night. It’s obscuring the man who can rebuild a car from the ground up with love and sweat and swearing and do so perfectly. The man who held out against Alastair for decades. The man that demons run from and angels fall for. You deserve to be saved. So please, please stop this. Because it scares the shit out of me when you stop fighting tooth and nail to stay alive.

These tags just broke my heart. 

#The man that demons run from and angels fall for

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