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"It didn’t work," he’s thinking. "They got me out alive."

Oh god oh god it’s heartbreaking. The nogitsune’s words make sense now. “I’m trying to save our lives.”

Because Stiles was trying to kill them both to save everyone else.


oh Fuck. You’re right. I have to curl into a ball and whimper now …

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Filed under help I can feel this dumn storyline pulling me closer to the rubicon of watching an episode of this stupid show teen wolf it took me four tries to type that teen woof ween tolf teel wholf gdi self

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He knows, he knows, she knows, he knows, they all already know, only the MRI Technician doesn’t understand what a technicality this all is, they all already know, it’s that moment before a car crash when you see it coming and know you can’t stop it, they all already know. Never mind the spellcheck, guy, this is a funeral.

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Filed under person from whom I reblogged this's tags talk about not getting to wear anything under the gown for MRIs when I had one the place gave me sweatpants and a t-shirt not exactly glam but less drafty I'M SURE YOU CARE teen wolf also aww big stilinski respecting his kid's choices re names

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I don’t watch Teen Wolf, but as far as I can tell this is what happened in the last episode:

Stiles gets roughed up, everyone I know starts punching air and opening champagne

If I didn’t know better I’d think you didn’t like this kid. :D

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Dylan: We want to ask if you guys could vote for Teen Wolf for the Teen Choice Awards. Best Choice Summer Show. Can you please do it? Because if you do [hooks leg over Tyler] that’s all that needs to be said.

Tyler: We’ll take more naps. I’m still tired. 

Dylan: Let’s go back to sleep.

[vote teen wolf for best summer show here!]

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Filed under teen wolf I don't even watch this show but I was going to vote but jesus fuck they've made it difficult I need another account on a website like I need a swimming bladder and yeah this account is so important I need a password with at least one capital letter and one number and one ancient Sumerian rune