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I’m constantly tired or busy from work (bad) or going places with tumblr user delunicornio (good) and I’ve just had a couple of fairly shitty brain days, but

  1. Night Vale are doing a live show in Helsinki!
  2. I won a free tattoo from my go-to guy!!!!

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there’s a Mitchell & Webb sketch about a company that creates slogans and they’re all incredibly banale and obvious

I work for a company that manages cash, and their slogan is

managing cash in society

it’s on like five giant posters on the way in

Filed under this has been a post so yeah that's my summer job: counting cash you need a magnet key a pin code and a fingerprint to get into the office and they've done a police background check and checked my credit I need to take a drug test in the next month or so it's understandable because we handle literally hundreds of thousands of euros every day but it's also a little hilarious

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some Men are coming in tomorrow and the day after to change the radiators and generally muck up the place

I had to take out three bags of recycling and do the dishes to get the place looking like I merely don’t give a fuck, when in reality I have transcended not giving a fuck and reached a state of ignoring everything and hoping it goes away

Filed under this has been a post me and Kirppu are going to be at my parents'

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it’s kind of tragic how the things that get me the most jazzed are banking oversight and computer-integrated designs for power grids

Filed under sam is a goddamn scholar I have a shitty essay thing due and I've put it off until the last minute film at eleven I've also had some hard lemonade which does wonders for speeding up the process this has been a post if only I could monetize (such an American word) reading books about the financial crisis and getting angry I could probably do a whole series of posts about the sub-prime crisis and how that led to the eurozone crisis but literally no one gives a shit

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so there’s this economics class that has no exam, but you need to write one to two pages about every lecture “with an emphasis on your own thoughts, not just summarising the slides.”

I’ve written like three paragraphs about the structural shift in the Finnish economy, using metaphors from the condition of the foundations of a building on fire all the way to the structural differences between bridges and docks

Filed under thank fuck the grading is just pass/fail I've written a lot of shite but IT MEETS THE BRIEF AND LOOKS PROFESSIONAL LEAVE ME ALONE this has been a post sam is a goddamn scholar

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Just a heads up: I’m neck-deep in school stuff atm (working as a TA for twenty hours over this and next week + the prep work for that, big deadline on Thursday, plus my normal classes) so I haven’t been/won’t be around much. If there’s something you want me to see, for any reason including you think I’d find it funny, @ me and I’ll see it. You are all wonderful shining examples of humanity. <3

Filed under this has been a post sam is a goddamn scholar the class I'm TAing is an intro to LaTeX one I have two Finnish-speaking groups and one English-speaking one the teacher for the English-speaking section is called Cliff and I expected your standard grey-haired Lego man mathematician turns out he's a hot 30-ish ginger irishman also the class is kind of a tutorial/workshop kind of a deal and you have to wear a high-vis vest so students recognise you I need to plan all my outfits around this fact

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I just got a new tablet, one that unlike my old one can actually handle new apps. Mostly I’m appalled at the default settings (NO I DO NOT WANT TO GIVE YOU MY EXACT LOCATION) and the “micropayment” model of, say, Candy Crush. I hope to fuck parents know exactly what their kids can and cannot do on their devices.

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